Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Guess what?  Guess what?  Guess what?

Last night, I COOKED DINNER!!!  And when I say "cooked" I don't mean I heated something up in the microwave.  This meal involved an honest-to-goodness stove and pots and pans and stirring and seasoning and oh, it was wonderful.

Now I'm not a gourmet chef or anything but I sure missed eating "real" food, cooked here at home.

TheManTheMyth moved our old stove back into the kitchen and hooked it up in the new spot, where it looks pretty ridiculous but hey, it works and I can cook:
And how it looks from the other side:
Admit it, you're all jealous of my fancy kitchen.  And are wondering why we'd want to get rid of that Fab Harvest Gold and Brown tile on the counters and floor.  Call us crazy.  And why yes, I DO watch A LOT of HGTV.  The TV is pretty much set to HGTV.  Until TMTM comes home from work.  He can only take so much of the "Decorate Your Home to Sell and Go House Hunting!" shows.


My spaghetti was delicious and there were sighs of happiness when empty plates were pushed back.  And Thing 2 actually said, "It's so nice eating REAL food again!" as she ate her SpaghettiO's (uh, "real food?") because she prefers that to MY spaghetti, the Philistine.  

Of course I had to wash the pots and pans BEFORE I could use them because of the amount of debris that had found its way into the cookware cabinet.  I tell you, it's amazing the places I've been finding debris and drywall dust from this remodel.

I was so happy at having some semblance of normalcy that I promptly cleaned the kitchen.  Well, as best I can clean a torn apart kitchen that is missing the upper cabinets and my dishes have to put into packing boxes located in my office after they're washed.

But I can deal with that because I can cook again!

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