Monday, June 6, 2011

Pity, Party of One Your Table is Ready

Disclaimer:  I'm about to whine and throw myself one big-ass pity party so feel free to move along.  Fair warning.

So Saturday was my birthday.  It was not observed in any particular way although Thing 1 did give me a lovely bouquet of flowers and Thing 1's GF gave me a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen (Hello Thai Crunch salad!).

Oh, and the traditional phone call from each of my sisters doing their best Marilyn Monroe breathy rendition of "Happy Birthday."  These singing phone calls are mandatory and are eagerly awaited.

TheManTheMyth, who had been out of town racing, gets home yesterday afternoon and completely ignores the bouquet on the table.  Takes no notice of it, makes no comment whatsoever.

This morning (Monday), TheManTheMyth's bidness partner comes over and the first thing he says is, "What pretty flowers!  Is it your birthday?  Happy Birthday!"

TheManTheMyth says nothing.

The two of them go into my office to look at some blueprints and I hear Bidness Partner ask TMTMif he did anything special for my birthday.  Dinner? Card?  Flowers?

TheManTheMyth's reply?

"I didn't know it was her birthday."

And that was the sole acknowledgement of my birthday from TheDeadManWalkingTheMyth.


  1. Well. I guess you know that means you are entitled to go get yourself ANY LITTLE THING YOUR HEART DESIRES. He will not dare say a word. You know how you have been looking at cars? Move up a notch or three in the price point and get the one with the heated or cooled seats.

    Yep, you can milk this for a couple of weeks. Get to shopping!

  2. Kelly Pie, a belated very happy birthday to you! Next year, be sure to remind your family of your birthday at least a week or two in advance so there is no forgetting.

    I'm with LisaPie. Go do something fun or buy something you want.

    I'd sing Happy Birthday to You, but I think you would be happier if I didn't. By the way, I share your birthday month with you so Happy Birthday to us both.