Monday, April 4, 2011

Want to be a Model? Or Just Look Like One?

I am not what you would call "Photogenic."  There are very few good photos of me in existence.  

This is not one of them:

Obviously, the boys were not knocking down my door to get to me during this period of Jr. High loveliness

Nor this:
Why I thought I looked good with brassy blond hair is one of the Great Mysteries of my life.

Another Not Great Picture:
I had finally realized that I looked good as a redhead but it took a few more years to realize that perms were a Don't.

Who wins Miss Photogenic?
That would NOT be me.

This also isn't one of my best:
This haircut had many, many people assuming I was in a long-term relationship with my life partner Beverly and worked as a dog groomer.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But if there's ever a photo that proves how unphotogenic I am, it's this one:
I'm picking a winner.


  1. Oh, are suffering from the jaundiced eye ARE beautiful.....well, in Jr. High you were getting ready to be beautiful and in your childhood they just caught you at an awkward moment.....behind that hand you were darling.

    Don't end up like me....thru my life I never saw a photo of me that I liked.......just decided I was funny-looking.....period.

    Then when I was in my 80's I looked back over all of them and realized I had been beautiful, adorable or cute all along.

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  4. This was hilarious even before the stylish London Escort Agency started recruiting you and your loveliness!

  5. Coming over from Pie Land to tell you that you have absolutely the best sub-title in all blogdom. It always make me laugh inside where I'm just sure the angels can't see.

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