Monday, November 8, 2010

Six degrees of conversation

You know that game, "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" which is based on the movie, "Six Degrees of Separation" which is how everyone is somehow connected by six degrees to everyone else?  Got it?  Ok, good.

Well, Thing 2 and I recently realized that many of our conversations seem to fit this pattern.  Conversations that usually take place when we're driving somewhere because when we aren't driving somewhere, she is holed up in her cave of a room and therefore conversations don't take place.  

We will start talking about something, which will lead to something else which will lead to something else which will lead to something else and so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby. 

The other day, a simple question by Thing 2 about the Berlin Wall led to a discussion about Communism which led to the Russian Revolution which led to the Romanovs which led to Queen Victoria which led to a history of the Kings and Queens of England from the Tudors to the current Queen Elizabeth II which led to the Protestant Reformation.  

So, starting with the Berlin Wall = Communism (1) = Russian Revolution (2) = Romanovs (3) = Queen Victoria (4) = Kings & Queens of England from Henry VII to Queen Elizabeth II (5) = Protestant Reformation (6).  Therefore, the Protestant Reformation is connected to the Berlin Wall by six degrees.

TheManTheMyth was a witness to this conversation and he just sat there with a dumbfounded look on his face. 

One time, Thing 2 and I were on our way to a high school hockey game and a commercial for the Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burger came on the radio and before we knew it, we were knee deep in a discussion about wine.  Which is rather amusing considering I don't drink wine nor do I even LIKE wine but when you read as much as I do and watch "Jeopardy" as much as I do, you're bound to pick up on a few things to keep a conversation going.  And this conversation lasted almost the entire 45 minute drive.

I bet if I tried, I really could find a connection to Kevin Bacon in six degrees.  Because it's simple when you think about it.  Just like the Berlin Wall being connected to the Protestant Reformation.

And yes, sometimes I do have too much time on my hands.


  1. I have 3 sisters and 3 daughters, therefore our conversations start in one place and then end up halfway around the world. My husband doesn't even try to keep up.

    I love Jeopardy, too and as you know, I love the wine. Curious as to how you got from Carl's to wine.

  2. Joann, It was because some Vegas hotel was advertising a $6000 Carl's Jr burger deal and the $$$$ was for the wine and Thing 2 asked how a wine could be THAT expensive and we were off!

  3. The Bellamy Brothers have a video for their song, "Guilty of the Crime"-- Kevin Bacon is in the video, as in Shannon Dougherty of Beverly Hills 90210. I was once an extra on BH90210. So, Me-Shannon Dougherty--Bellamy Brothers--Kevin Bacon. There you go!

  4. Um, Bubbles? Unless you're counting the Bellamy Brothers as individuals, I'm only counting 4 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

  5. Yeah, but it's LESS than 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, which is even better!