Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Couple of Princesses

As an unashamed Royal Watcher, of course I'm going to blog about the engagement announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  It took 8 years of dating, break ups and and reconcilliations but Kate held out and she got her man.  And I think Wills made a very good choice.  Kate may not be a royal or even from the nobility but look how well THAT worked out when Prince Charles picked Lady Diana Spencer.  Diana was an uneducated, emotionally fragile teenager when she was picked for her breeding and virginity to be the Royal Bride and received little or no support from the in-laws or her husband who was in love with someone else and had no patience for Diana's issues, of which there were many.  Diana had fabulous fashion sense, a wonderful ability to connect with people, compassion for the sick, the poor and the downtrodden and did her best to raise her sons in as normal a fashion as possible.  And she was a mess who wasn't quite the victim she like to portray herself as, God rest her soul.

Unlike Diana, Kate knows what she's getting into and what will be expected of her.  It helps that she shares the same interests as Williams as well as Charles and it also helps that the Family likes her.

So, you Go, Kate Middleton!  Well done, you!

And SPEAKING of Princesses, My Little Princess, the one, the only Kaylyn, aka, "Thing 2" aka "Little Mama" aka "Her" finally got her braces off yesterday and she looks so beautiful!  Or as she puts it, "Duh.   I'm freakin' GORGEOUS!" because who suffers from Princess Diana self-esteem issues?  Not Kaylyn.  So behold, the beauty of Her:

Look at that smile!  Next step is getting her some new glasses and talking her into getting rid of that ghastly hoodie that she usually wears with the hood up so that she looks like Little Red Riding Hood meets the KKK.  And it flattens down her beautiful hair.  She is SO not joining the ranks of Princess Diana and the soon-to-be Princess William of Wales in the Fashion Hall of Fame.

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