Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

Or, as Steve Martin once said, "R A M B L I N apostrophe"  

Years ago, when I was still in High School, my sister and I went and saw Steve Martin perform at the Universal Amphitheater and his opening act was The Blues Brothers.  I think it was one of the first Real Live appearances by the Blues Brothers.  Anyway, one of the things I remember most about that night was when I heard someone yelling my name, "Kelly!  Kelly!  Hey, Kelly!" and I'm looking around and I don't recognize anyone and then this guy runs up, puts his arm around me and says, "Ok!" and another guy takes our picture and first guy, says, "Hey, thanks Kelly!" and runs off and I'm all "What the hell?" and when that guy gets his photos developed he's going to have one of him with a girl who has a totally confused "Huh" expression on her face and I always wondered a) who WAS that guy? and 2) how did he know my name as I wasn't nearly as famous back then as I am now what with my dozen followers and all so that, folks, is one of the Big Mysteries of My Life which pretty much tells you there ain't a whole lot going on my life now, is there?
The other day, over at Bye Bye Pie which is one of my favorite blogs because the comments and the followers have pretty much taken on a life of their own and are frequently more entertaining than the actual blog, the topic of adult tantrums came up and I was reminded of my late father who was FAMOUS for his tantrums.  We never knew what would set him off.  One time, Hand to God, it was the way the toilet paper was on the holder.   

But the best and most memorable tantrum I can recall is the time he pitched a fit about going through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box.

I think we had been at the beach that day and on the way home we asked my dad to go through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box and he refused.  And got angry about it.  Of course we kept clamoring for Jack in the Box and he kept refusing and getting angrier about it.  Finally, the real reason for his refusal came out and it had nothing to do with money or the food.  It was the drive-thru itself.

Why, you ask?  I'll tell you.  Back then, this was in the '70s, when you placed your order in the drive-thru at JITB, the speaker was located in the head of a clown and that was where my dad drew the line.  As he so eloquently put it, "I AM NOT TALKING TO A GODDAMN CLOWN!" which of course just sent us all over the edge in hysterical laughter which did nothing to help the situation and in fact, made it worse because my dad did not have much of a sense of humor about his own quirks. We still laugh about the Jack in the Box episode to this day.   He also had a "thing" about answering machines.  When he had to leave a message, he would speak in a strange staccato, robot-like voice.  If it wasn't a real live person to speak to, he choked.

So, I got a new cellphone.  Thing 2 had been hounding me for a new phone and since it was Upgrade Time and Thing 2 had made some coin the night before by babysitting, I took her to get her new phone.  My kids know if they want something like a new phone or iPod etc, they have to pay for it themselves. And since I was there and qualified for an upgrade myownself, I decided to take advantage of the offer and switch out my 2 year old BlackBerry Curve for one of them newfangled Droid phones.  Oh. My. God.  It was like going from a Walkman to an iPod.  From a Commodore 64 to a MacBook Pro.  From Pong to Xbox 360.  I can't type on the keypad as fast as I could on the BB's keypad and there's a few things I'm still learning but for the most part, I'm LOVING it.  Yeah, I would have liked an iPhone because I'm a tried-and-true Apple Fan but not an AT&T fan so I got the next best thing.

Ok, so I'm STILL stunned over last night's episode of LOST.  I actually got choked up while walking this morning just thinking about it.  I know there are only a few episodes left and I'm still completely, well, LOST.

I love "Designed to Sell" but I really wish they'd get rid of that Orange gal.  Between her Bad Acting, her Bad Acne and her REALLY bad Orange makeup and/or spray tan, I can't even enjoy the show.
Speaking of driving even though I wasn't, it drives me nuts when I'm waiting to make a left hand turn on a green light and I'm in the intersection waiting to turn and there's a car coming towards me and they're going to make a right hand turn and they get to the corner and they STOP.  And sit and wait for you to turn even though they have the legal right of way and you're sitting there going, "Dude, are you going to turn or what?" and they just sit there staring at you and it's like a Mexican Standoff as the two of you just sit and wait for the other to turn and finally you say, "Screw it" and you start to turn and THAT is when they decide they're going to turn and then you have to hit the brakes and the people behind you have to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting you and you figure out the only way that driver got their drivers license was by blowing the DMV dude because they sure as hell didn't get their drivers license by actually passing the written and driving parts of the test.

And on that note, have a lovely Wednesday.


  1. My sister used to work for an auto insurance claims company. She said the most accidents came from people stopping and letting someone else have the right of way when they were actually supposed to go.

    I always remember that.

    And that would freak me out, too, about the pic. He didn't say a word to you? Maybe he had a big crush on you in high school and was alway afraid to say anything.

    I'm waiting for my contract to expire and then I'm going to the other side with the rest of my family, the iphone side. Yeah, my kids have iphones, but I do not. Actually, it's because I could care less. I need simple with my phone.

    And isn't today a hoot and BBP? It's all bedazzling and vajayjays and just the usual fun.

  2. Hello. I read your funny comment over on Cronie's blog, about her errant pants zipper. Ha. You are funny.
    Are you on twitter too?

  3. Why you be hatin' on Mexicans? (Sorry, I've been hanging with the youngsters on Facebook). I'm glad LM is putting my hard-earned $$ to good use. We used our other sitter the other night and Prince was most petulant that it wasn't LM. Game time is 9 a.m. We're snack family. Don't forget the big bash at 4 pm tomorrow. We could party 'til dusk!