Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Laundry Gremlins

Ok, so you know how every household has a Laundry Gremlin who will steal socks right out of the washing machine or dryer and replace them with something weird like a pair of XXXL tighty whitey underpants or a purple sparkly jockstrap?  Well, lately my clothes have started to disappear but they aren't being replaced with unfamiliar garments.  Yet.  

What MY Laundry Gremlin seems to have a fondness for and is taking for their own use is my sweatpants.  Yeah, yeah, I'm a fashion plate slash athlete (ok, not really) but at the end of the day, I like to put on what we in my family call "soft pants."  Some of mine are old-fashioned gray fleece sweatpants, others are the velour "Juicy Couture" type although I buy knockoffs at that bastion of swank, Tar-zhay which actually has some nice and stylish clothes for very affordable prices and I do love me the 'Zhay and can drop easily drop $$$ in one outing on anything from groceries to household items to new chonies to magazines and once again I've gotten off my subject at hand which is my missing sweatpants.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed I couldn't find my pair of light blue velour, let's call them "lounge pants" because that sounds a tad more nice than "sweatspants" am I right?  So I start digging through my drawers and then the laundry hampers and then the washer and dryer and nothing.  I look under the bed, in the closet, in suitcases, the kids rooms, the linen closet, the coat closet and nope, nada.  I can't find them anywhere.

Then this weekend, which was pretty grueling for me, I just wanted to lounge around in my lounge pants and went to put on my gray fleece lounge pants which are super soft and comforting and guess what?  They're gone, too!

I am completely baffled by this.  I can understand the Laundry Gremlin stealing socks although I so don't get the items that show up as replacements but why would the Laundry Gremlins be stealing my lounge pants?

I know some of my readers of this blog are so not believing me on this.  Not that there's a Laundry Gremlin, that's believable, but that I actually do laundry.  Yeah, I'm full of surprises.



  1. I've got the same problem, but I know where mine is coming from, these girl creatures of mine! It drives me CRAZY! They take everything! My shoes, my leggings, my clothes, my makeup. This morning I was taking my middle daughter to school. I'd just bought some new lip gloss at Sephora yesterday. She, of course, spotted the Sephora bag the minute I walked into the house with it and pounced on it. She borrowed my lip gloss this morning and then dropped it INTO HER BAG! I ordered her to give it back to me and she was all, "Oh, I was hoping you wouldn't notice." Brand stinkin' new!

    So, I'm feeling you and there's nothing more comfy than some lounge pants.

  2. Have you looked beside the washer or dryer? Well, you will just have to buy more!! I love them too!!

  3. excuse # 495866 : Laundry Gremlins are evil vile creatures!

    This is why I don't do laundry.

  4. Hi, Kelly
    Just want to tell you that I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
    Love your blog....keep goin'.
    Love, Lo

  5. I need a laundry fairy. No wait...I should be careful what I wish for...