Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here, kvetch!

Ok, I know that my legion of followers, all 24 of them, read my blog because they are absolutely enthralled with my hilarious and witty depictions of my zany life.  Yeah.  

However, although in MY family, we actually say the word, "comma" so that when we are in the midst of conversation, we will say, "however comma."  How hilarious are we?  Now, where was I?  Oh, yes.  However, you cannot forget that the name of my blog is "Kelly's Kvetch of the Day" and sometimes, I must forgo the humorous anecdotes and return to the kvetching part.  Today is one of those times.

As I mentioned last week, my laptop got sick.  I took it to the computer hospital and the computer doctors got the crash cart and those things that you rub together and then zap your heart, what are those things called, Debillitators?  Defibrillblahblahs?  Yeah, those things.  Anyway, despite all their efforts, it was terminal and my laptop could not be saved.  And my hard drive with all of my files and programs I need for my job?  Yeah, they couldn't be saved either.  I lost everything.

So I call TheManTheMyth from the computer store tell him the good news, that we have to spend more money that we can't afford to spend on a new laptop so that I can continue to do my job and I swear I heard him whimper and he tells me go ahead, we don't really have much choice.

I buy a cheap laptop, since I really don't need bells and whistles and jing-tinglers.  I just need memory, Microsoft Office and a CD-ROM drive.  Oh, and an external hard drive so I can save my files so that when this laptop crashes, and it will because these things AREN'T Apple products, I won't have to start from scratch all over again.

So I get home with my shiny new laptop and I go to install the scoring program I have to use and it won't work.  I can't install the program.  The program that is the reason I bought a Windows machine instead of the far superior Apple machine I would have much rather have but this scoring program is not Mac-compatible.

And, as it turns out, it's not Windows 7-compatible, either.  Seriously.  This scoring program I have to use was developed back in the days of floppy diskettes and it has not kept up with Windows technology which has not kept up with Apple technology and can you tell I'm pro-Mac all the way?  

I have been informed there *might* be a way to get this program to work on my oh-so-advanced and wonderful Windows 7 laptop but it involves jumping through burning hoops during the light of a blue moon while a herd of baby zebras go running through my bedroom on their way to the Ho Chi Minh trail.  But it will take a couple of weeks before we know if it can be done, putting me oh, a month or two behind in my work and this is a job that you have to stay on top of.

So yeah, I'm more than just a little bit pissed and frustrated, not to mention BROKE.  And I can't do my work.  And I have a raging case of PMS which is NOT helping matters.



  1. Ohhhh, so sorry. Probably not the time to tell you I'm a Mac girl. My husband would like to be President of the Mac Fan Club, that' how enamored he is with anything Mac.

    Computer problems are the most agonizing, annoying thing in the whole, wide world. Here's what works for me. First: I cry . . . big, baby tears. Second: I yell at the kids for no reason. Third: I call my husband and yell at him. Fourth: I drink wine. Fifth: My husband comes home after work and tells me he'll only take care of it, if I stop yelling at him. Since, I've had the wine, I'm no longer in a state of yelling. And with those simple steps I feel a whole lot better about the problem, even if it's not a salvageable one. It's mostly the wine that gets me through it.

  2. Kelly, poor dear: So sorry ! I, too have just gone thru a devastating computer mess.....had my PC refurbished at huge expense and still have problems daily. Sob. Happily, I bought a refurbished laptop last year and, when all else fails, I can get online with that and do stuff, but I feel like I have one arm tied behind my back most of the time. Oh, Faugh!

  3. Joann, I'm a full-fledged Mac girl. I love my 7 year old Mac. Love. It. I only got that stupid, useless laptop because of my job.

    I react to computer problems a little differently than you do. First I yell at the computer. Then I slam things around. Then, I yell some more. When the kids and TheManThyMyth, who himself is 99% computer illiterate and therefore can't help, ask what I'm yelling about, I'm short and brusque with my snippy replies. Oh, and I cuss. A lot. It doesn't resolve the issue but *I* feel better. A little.

    Lo, had I known that the program I have to use wasn't compatible with Windows 7, I would have bought a used Windows XP laptop off of eBay or Craigslist but it never occurred to me that W7 was too advanced for my too-outdated program. However, I just might have to look into that. And thank you so much for nominating my little blog! It's my first nomination ever!