Sunday, January 24, 2010

Giftwrapped with love

I was going to write about something completely different, which can wait until tomorrow or whenever I have a chance to post again because I'm such a busy person as I pointed out a couple of posts ago after which Thing 2 noticed that I wrote Tiger WILLIAMS instead of Tiger WOODS and nobody else caught it or cared enough to point out the difference between one of hockey's greatest fighters and golf's biggest fuckup but instead I'm going to write about what I found when I woke up this morning and yes, I do love me a long, run-on sentence.

After a night where I got very little sleep on account of I'm suffering TERRIBLY from a good ol' fashioned head cold/sinus infection which caused me to toss and turn all night long, dozing off for short periods of time before once again waking up and flopping on to my other side, I finally realized that I would not be sleeping past 7:00AM (on a Sunday, where one is required to sleep late) so I roll out of bed and head to the front door so I can go outside and get my Sunday paper off the front walk.

When I open the front door, I find out that getting the paper off the front walk might be a little difficult.  Why, you ask?  Well, see for yourself:

I stood there a moment surveying the scene and then like any good blogger who is always on the lookout for blog fodder, I turn and grab my BlackBerry to take photos.

I duck under the toilet paper "gate" and head down the walk to a) get my paper, the Long Beach Blab Press Telegram and to see if there's any damage to the Red Rocket because the last time we were toilet papered, Thing 1's friends toilet papered the Red Rocket as seen here

only THIS time, the Rocket was not toilet papered; it was wrapped in plastic wrap, just like a leftover:

 I'm laughing pretty hard by this time and then my neighbor comes home in his pretty new 2010 Camaro and he sees me standing there in my robe and laughing and then he gets out of his car and starts laughing and we both say, "Kids!" and I take a few more photos to record this lovely tribute for posterity


and then I realize that the toilet paper is all wet and soggy and cleaning it up is going to be a real bitch.  I texted Thing 1's best friend and included a photo and asked if he knew anything about this and he claimed ignorance.  Of course.

Sadly, the intended recipient isn't even here to clean it up appreciate it because he is making his debut for Blais Racing Services at Round 1 of the Kenda National Hare & Hound Series on his new KTM 250.  Unless his knee is still too messed up to race and then instead of racing, he'll wear his pretty new personalized pit shirt and be pit bitch for his teammate.  I guess I'll find out which was the case when the menfolk return tonight.

Ok, off to take some pharmaceuticals.


  1. They shrink-wrapped the truck? Now, that's creative! Great photos, by the way.

    Good luck to Thing1! My son's racing season begins next weekend (sans toilet paper).

  2. Word from the race is Thing 1 made it all of 8 miles before his injured knee refused to cooperate. Not a good start to this year's racing season :-(

  3. Now that is some gift wrapping.
    HAHA, toilet paper gate. Well, these pictures would surely remind him of his childhood days later...
    Have a good day...:)

  4. I can't believe kids are still doing that!! I am glad you could laugh!!