Friday, December 4, 2009

Hockey Fights and the Kindness of Strangers because those two things go hand in hand

Ok, so it's been several days since I've been paired up with Stephanie to do a Random Act of Kindness and I gotta say, it's not looking good for me. Just tonight I pretended I didn't hear the panhandler roaming the parking lot of the supermarket because I'm so used to having Selective Hearing when it comes to panhandlers and solicitors and "sign my petition" people. Although I've given the same guy money several times because he's very polite and quiet while he sits outside the various stores and also because he's the Dead Ringer of a friend of mine. I'll have to ask RElmo if he has a "down on his luck" brother because the resemblance is uncanny.

And speaking of dead, I had to add 3 people to the "Dead to Kelly" list for talking smack about my boyfriend, George (HOT!!) Parros

on an Off-Road motorcycle racing message board (of course) on a thread that was originally about celebrity encounters but (thanks to me) somehow evolved into an intense thread (read: argument) about Hockey fights and fighters and someone dissed MY George and well, the figurative gloves were dropped and sadly, three people did not survive. I hate it when that happens but hey, don't be dissin' my man George. Because he's HOT. I'll take George, black eyes, broken nose and other scars over those pasty white "Twilight" dudes any day.

So, back to my RAK challenge. Dang that June for throwing down the gauntlet! Yesterday I had to take Thing 2 to the orthodontist for her routine checkup and sitting right there in the waiting room was a big barrel where patients are supposed to donate canned food and did I have a can of yams in my purse? No. Because even though I got the e-mail letting me know about the canned food drive, it never even occurred to me to slip some can goods into one of the several eco-friendly canvas shopping bags I keep stashed in my not-so-fuel-efficient-after-all vehicle but always forget to bring into the store with me so I wasn't able to look good while doing good by helping to feed the hungry because I SUCK at doing Random Acts of Kindness.

I'm not giving up on my quest to be the Stranger of which Kindness depends on. I'll get my chance when I least expect it. Because then it'll be all RANDOM, which IS the point.


  1. George IS hot and I agree, much more than a pasty white vampire (too much teen girl slobber, you know)

  2. Please consider "following" my blog as a RAoK as you see that the numbers are limited and after the bruhaha I caused on June's blog, I certainly need to watch my appeal with women.

    I like your blog title and will catch up when I have time.

    One of my employees asked me if I saw the New Moon movie, and I replied that I am an adult male, so no. However, apparently not all women have been "sucked" in.

  3. I saw that pic of George and bout had a stroke - hot just doesn't do him justice - yummy yummy my my. (fanning self) okay now on to RAK - the other day I was so ticked off at KMart as I dragged my new tree back to the store because it didnt work -- on my way out I realized it is the season and I dumped the entire contents of the change part of my wallet into the Salvation Army red kettle. I felt better. I like RAKs. We especially like to buy people a meal anonymously provided we aren't at a too-expensive restaurant (hey we're retired and not rich) but really enjoy feeding a family at the local Bob Evans or buying an old man's breakfast. Then again that old man probably has more money stashed away than all of us, but it's the honest act that counts. Cheers!