Thursday, December 3, 2009

A gift that keeps on giving

A couple of days ago, June over at Bye Bye Pie, issued a challenge to her faithful readers. This holiday season, instead of the usual gift/cookie exchange, she asked her faithful readers, of which I am one because she's hilarious and I love the photos of her dog Tallulah trying to hump her cat Winston because I'm kinky like that, to team up and do Random Acts of Kindness, or "RAK" and report back on her site.

I'm all, "I'm in!" because I hate gift exchanges and the only cookies I like are chocolate chip with walnut cookies fresh from the oven while they're still soft and gooey because I don't like hard, crunchy, crispy cookies so doing a cookie exchange, which I SO don't "get," is useless for me to participate in. Not that anyone has asked me. I think everyone knows my stand on this.

One of the reasons I hate gift exchanges with strangers or co-workers is that one of the pair will pick out something thoughtful/funny/useful/frivolous and the other one will do something like give you a ginormous gift basket wrapped with ribbons and bows and bells and jing-tinglers and you're all "SCORE!" and when you tear open the wrappings, you discover a single, solitary small bottle of dust covered Oil of Olay buried deep within the straw that fills said ginormous basket and you're all "What the hell?" as you "thank" the giver. Yeah, I just LOVE gift exchanges.

So anyway, I'm paired with Reader Stephanie and we each have to do a RAK (or more) and report back to June.

Now here's the hard part. People who know (and love) me know that I'm not only selfish but self-centered and lazy as well. And this type of gift isn't the kind you can just pick out at the drugstore gift counter. I have to actually make an effort! And the way I look at it, it can't be something as easy as dropping the loose change in the nearest Salvation Army red kettle. And it shouldn't be premeditated. The best kind of RAK just HAPPEN. Unfortunately, refraining from firing an RPG at the twit in her Lexus who totally cut me off on the freeway and then kept drifting into my lane because she was too busy texting to pay attention to actually DRIVING probably doesn't count as a RAK although I know *I* would feel happy and fulfilled.

My friend Bubbles said a nice RAK would be to pay for the order of the person behind me in the drive-thru at the Crack House (Del Taco) and to please let her know the time and date of the next time I need a "fix."

Well, whatever I end up doing I just hope the recipient pays it forward and my RAK becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Like herpes.



  1. Ok - your comment @ Me-Me's was enough to entice me to not only come here, but to comment! I LIKE your writing - and I don't say that to everybody, lest you think I'm just schmoozing here. As I told MeMe, the whole comment thing is frustrating when you see how many hits you get comparatively! Told her I had a new deal now (which of course I just broke cuz I came HERE and you don't know me from Adam!) that I wasn't blog visiting except to people who leave comments on MY blog - whats fair is fair and I've spent untold days doing visits and comments like anybody really cared whether I did or not - in other words - the blogosphere was eating away at my days and I needed to get my life back!

    Just thought I'd visit and throw the thought out there. Write on!

  2. You are hysterical!!! I decided to read your post out loud like a Cali-girl and it was the most fun I've had all day!!! I see my friend, suZen stopped by and also paid you a visit - cool!!!

    You really ought to consider joining Humor Bloggers Dot Com. It's a real freak show over there and I think your blog would be a great fit.

    See ya real soon.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you for stopping by and visiting my little blog! I was starting to think only my mommy, who doesn't comment, was reading it.

    SuZen, I will have to pay you a visit and return the favor.

    Me-Me, I'll check out Humor Bloggers.

    Don't be strangers, ya'll come back now, y'hear!

  4. Wow, it's almost like you have a following!