Saturday, November 21, 2009

Speaking of cats

I recently went to a website for the very first time because I can't really comment about a website without knowing exactly what it's all about because I know I hate it when someone has a snotty comment about something and when you ask them if they've ever seen/read/watched it and they say in a lofty tone that well, no not really but they're sure it's stupid and that's reason enough for offering an allegedly informed opinion.

ANYway. So I felt I needed to check out this cutesy website about cats. I like cats. I think they're funny. So I go to and there's some funny, funny photos of cats being, well, funny.

But there's something that just doesn't sit right with me. I'm talking about the spelling and grammar that these cats are supposedly using. Yeah, I GUESS it's supposed to be cutesy (I hate cutesy spelling. Hate. it.) but please. Anyone who has a cat and has observed cats doing cat things knows that cats are just too snooty and proper to have such atrocious spelling and grammar.

Do you REALLY think that a cat, a fastidious cat, would speak or spell like that? Cat's just don't speak and/or spell in Ebonics and ghetto-speak. They just don't. I believe cats would speak in a voice similar to Charles Emerson Winchester The Third. Just like my dog Lucy's voice is similar to Forrest Gump's voice. Even though she's a female. She still sounds like Forrest Gump.

On the other hand, I can believe DOGS would speak and spell funny. Because they're dogs. However, there isn't a website called with pictures of dogs doing funny dog stuff. But believe it or not, there IS a website called But it's all videos of hamsters and the hamsters aren't speaking in ghetto speak. Because they're hamsters. And everyone knows hamsters can't talk.


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  1. lol. I agree...i think cats speak like royalty...cause they're snotty like that...