Thursday, July 30, 2009

3521 Farnham Avenue

I can't talk about my high school years and not talk about the place that was the single most important and influential place of my life at that time: 3521 Farnham Avenue in the City of Long Beach California.

Between approximately 1977 through 1981, when the parents finally divorced and sold the Old Homestead, 3521 Farnham Avenue was the equivalent of Eric Foreman's basement in That 70's Show. It was THE place to hang out. If the front door was open, and it was ALWAYS open, that meant everyone was welcome to come on in and hang out, stay for dinner or even for a couple of months. Nobody knocked and if someone actually rang the doorbell, we knew it was most likely a saleman or religious organization wanting to spread the Gospel.

Life at 3521 Farnham Avenue during those years was so crazy and active that it can't be described in a single blog entry. No, this will take several to chronicle the Memories of 3521 Farnham Avenue.

Coming soon: Chapter One.

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