Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Fun!

While most people spend their summer weekends at the beach, lake, mountain cabins, we go motorcycle racing in the desert. But here's the catch: we race at Night. In the Dark. For Fun.

This would be TheManTheMyth's return to racing after breaking his leg back in April (and driving me crazy in the meantime). So after spending many, many hours, not to mention $$$, on lighting for the motorcycles, TheManTheMyth and Thing 1 were ready to race.

Thing 1 sits waiting on the starting line. He hates it when I take his picture so of course I take as many as I can in the hopes that one of them will turn out ok.

The race started at 8:00pm. This is the 1st line of racers, Thing 1 is on the right:

TheManTheMyth was excited to finally get back to racing.

Thing 1 came into the pits in 5th overall and handed the bike off to his teammate. I actually got a decent picture of my baby boy!

TheManTheMyth is rarin' to go:

Thing 1, Rental Kid Wyatt and Andy watch for their teammates:

It was a long night. Each team had to race 100 miles. In the dark. Thing 1's teammate had a bad crash when his light went out but he was able to make it back to the pits where a mad scramble for a replacement light ensued. Their competition had a 5 minute lead when Thing 1 jumped on the repaired bike and took off in hot pursuit. Despite riding like a banshee, Thing 1 was unable to overtake the competition and he finished in 2nd place, only about a minute and a half behind the 1st place team,, absolutely exhausted:

We sat at the finish until almost 1:00am, waiting for TheManTheMyth. A cold wind was blowing, making for miserable conditions. Finally, TheManTheMyth appeared out of the darkness and crossed the finish line!

TheManTheMyth's comeback was a success with his 1st place Magnum Heavyweight Expert win. Yes, his team was the only entry but hey, a finish is a Win!

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