Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bored husband = TROUBLE

This morning, TheManTheMyth informs me that he will hanging around the humble homestead for awhile instead of heading off to work. Why? Because all of the jobs he had going on have been completed and he's now in a holding pattern until the next job starts.

Why is this trouble, you ask? Because if he's not working and is hanging around the house, he will get bored. And when TheManTheMyth gets bored, he gets the itch to remodel something. Especially if demolition is involved (TheManTheMyth LOVES demolition!). In the 14 years since we inherited Casa de Gramma, every room in this house has been remodeled, from the bedrooms to the bathrooms to the living room. Even the garage and backyard have undergone facelifts. But one room still awaits updating. The kitchen.

The last time the kitchen was updated was in the early 70's. By my Grandparents who went with the trendy Harvest Gold and Brown color scheme. Tile counters, backsplash and floor, all a lovely Harvest Gold with Brown grout.

Even the kitchen sink is a lovely Harvest Gold. Dismal. Oh, we've updated all the appliances but the counters, sink, floors and cabinets are begging to escape That 70's look.

While this should be a Good Thing, updating the kitchen, I'm rather hesitant. Why? Because TheManTheMyth gets so excited at the thought of demolition, that he starts swinging the sledgehammer before any design decisions are made. What kind of countertops? What kind of sink? What about the floor? Demo first, choices later, is his Motto. What do we want to do with the cabinets? Stain or paint?

And of course, once all the demo is done and everything is a huge mess, he'll go back to work and I will be stuck with a non-functioning kitchen.

I'll have to find something else to keep him occupied. Maybe gardening.

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