Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Dress for Kaylyn

Yes, you read that right. With 8th Grade Commencement fast approaching, it was time to get Kaylyn Proper Attire. In the last 10 years, she (Who? Her. Huh.) has worn a dress or skirt a whopping two times. No wait, three times. But she wore the same ankle length skirt/blouse ensemble that made her look like she belonged to a Fundamentalist religious sect twice. And she wore Converse Chuck Taylor's with said ensemble. What I'm saying is that this is a teenage girl who would rather gouge her eyes out with a spork than go shopping for A Nice Dress.

Aunt Bippy and I dragged Kaylyn's sorry butt to South Coast Plaza, aka "The Mothership" because of the big Memorial Day Sales. And because any excuse to visit The Mothership is a good excuse. Kaylyn's lack of enthusiasm and participation may have had bystanders believing we were making this poor girl pick out what she was going to wear to her execution.

At Macy's Bippy and I hold up dress after dress for her approval. I'm not saying she was unenthusiastic but we got more response from the nearby mannequins. So we head to Nordstrom, where she grudgingly agreed to try on a couple of dresses. Which were way too big because they were size 3/4 and she is maybe a size 2. As we exited the dressing room, Kaylyn mumbled something that absolutely shocked me. She said, "I hate shopping for dresses." Really?? I NEVER would have guessed! She hid it SO WELL!

She finally admits that she kind of liked a dress at Macy's (but had never indicated said interest while we were there) so we head back. She points out the dress and I gotta say, I never would have guessed. It was this orange/brown '70's pattern halter-type of dress. I thought it was a bit "Hoochie LaHooch" but if that's what would get her into a dress, then okee dokee. After agreeing to try on a couple of other dresses as well, we head to the dressing room. She tries on a cute brown and white sundress with a fuller skirt but she isn't all the impressed with it and it would require alterations. And after looking at her first choice on the hanger, she decides against it (Thank you, Jesus!).

She tries on the final dress and We Have a Winner!!!

Of course my BlackBerry takes crappy photos but how cute is this dress? And yes, it's that tiny. When Kaylyn put it on, Bippy and I both got a bit misty-eyed and were mouthing "Oh my God!" behind her back. At which point we were reminded that she could see us in the mirror. Duh.

Of course this adorable dress will be worn for a Grand Total of maybe 2 hours but during those 2 hours, she (Who? Her. Huh.) will be the Belle of the Ball.


  1. So Cute! I want to see her in it! Will she be wearing a sweater or shrug? I'm getting misty just thinking about it. Our Little Momma.

  2. Yay... for new dress. Glad she finally got a beautiful dress.!!