Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last week I went to IKEA to return something AND to stock up on bags of their Swedish Meatballs and Sauce Mix (because YUMMY!) and I figured while I was there, I really should look at their cookware because I was in serious need of a new frying pan and besides, there's always tons of swell stuff at IKEA along with Real Housewives of the OC all pushing strollers filled with screaming toddlers because, in case you didn't know, IKEA is the hot ticket to go for Mommy & Me outings because not only is there a little Drop-the-Rugrats-Off-Here-While-You-Shop daycare/play area, the cafe serves good food and dirt cheap prices and if I lived closer to an IKEA, I'd eat every meal there and wow this is one helluva long run-on sentence.

Deep breath.

So anyway, I'm browsing in the cookware section and there's all kinds of pots and pans and I finally choose a big-ass heavy duty frying pan, pay for it and haul it home.

You guys. It's the most awesome pan in the world.

Everything that I've cooked on it has come out perfect.

It's beautiful.

We're in love, my pan and I.

Or is it "my pan and me?"  Grammar police?  What say you?


I'm thinking of giving my pan a name because we have a Relationship going on now so what's a good name for it?

Oh.  Duh.  Peter.  Get it?  Peter PAN??

Work with me, people!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Peter:
Isn't he GORGEOUS??

Yes, he weighs a ton and has to be washed by hand instead of just tossing him the dishwasher but I DON'T CARE, I LOVE HIM AND WE'RE GOING TO BE TOGETHER 4EVR!!

4 EVr

And filed under "Weird Stuff" (not like me being in love with a frying pan is weird or anything), Thing 1 went to change the oil in Big Red and found this tied to the undercarriage:
There's only one obvious explanation for this:



  1. Well I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who falls in love with pans. Haven't named one yet but maybe I should.

    More Cowbell is always good! :)

  2. I lived for 25 years with a set of pots someone gave me as a wedding gift, and then FINALLY I got to pick out my own set. They are so fabulous!

    So, yeah, I understand falling in love with a pan. I have a whole set of them!! In case you are interested, they are All-Clad Copper Core.