Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dude, Where's My Show?

I had a totally different post for today but after watching last night's episode of what used to be one of my favorite shows, well, the original post will have to wait another day.

Because I HAVE to talk about the "new" Two and a Half Men."

I'm not saying the new version is bad but I would have walked out of last night's episode on an airplane.

THAT'S how bad it was.

Ashton Kutcher's character, "Waldon (Walden?) Schmidt" should have been named "Michael Jesse Kelso" since he's basically rehashing his character Kelso from "That 70's Show" and Jesse from the critically acclaimed, "Dude, Where's My Car?"
In other words, he's playing a dimwit dufus.

And I guess Angus T. Jones, who plays Jake Harper, has been put on recurring status since his entire appearance consisted of a 5 second scene and two words, "Hello?  Dad?"  

And on one hand, I wondered how a father could completely move out and forget his own son but on the other hand, my parents had a habit of driving off and forgetting to take me from the time I was an infant until I graduated from High School so I guess that's not all that far-fetched.

Another issue of bad writing/casting is seeing Walden's (Waldon's?) wife Bridget played by the same actress who played Herb's sister Myra, who Charlie dallied with when she came out for Judith & Herb's wedding. 

The show went downhill right after Charlie Sheen's marital meltdown and he pretty much just phoned in his performances, leaving Jon Cryer to carry the show with ridiculous slapstick antics.

I can see in the episodes to come, Waldon (Walden?) will continue to make childish attempts to reconcile with Aunt Myra, I mean his wife Bridget, and sleeping with a bevy of beauties in between reconciliation attempts.

On one hand, I should be curious where Alan will be sleeping now that Berta has moved in as live-in housekeeper but on the other hand, it's just not worth it to care in more.

I know I can't be the only one who expects a future episode to include a leather jacket, a pair of waterskis, a ramp and a shark to be jumped over. 
Am I right?

I'm right and you know it.


  1. I am so glad to hear someone else voice what I have wanted to since last week! Trying to figure out where I had seen "Myra/Bridget" was driving me bonkers. Really surprised by that choice of casting.
    You know since Charlie's body was not shown and Rose was the only person to know about his demise, Charlie could be written back in as a prisoner in Rose's basement. Or maybe I watched too much As The World Turns in my formative years where the villianous James Stenbeck was never really dead. ;-)

  2. Well, I trust your judgment on this and will skip the whole damn thing. If I was Jon Cryer I would have a Charlie Sheen voodoo doll that I stabbed every hour on the hour for f*cking up his livelihood.

    And Heather? James Stenbeck!!! omg! That was so good. Me and all my cousins used to meet for lunch at my aunt's house to watch ATWT during that era. He was the most evil and sleezy character to inhabit daytime soaps. Nice! Thanks for bringing back that memory. Love it!!

  3. Hey watch who you're calling dufus. I guess I didn't miss much last night. I watched last week's and...meh. Last night I watched Terra Nova. Kinda cool. I hate investing myself in new shows only to see them cancelled.