Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jeez, I leave town for a quick vacation with my sisters and their families to Lake Tahoe, where I had an absolutely lovely time hiking a STEEP 1 mile trail down to Emerald Bay
for a tour of Vikingsholm, which was beautiful until I realized that it was another STEEP 1 mile hike back UP to the highway and who was ready to pay a Sherpa to carry her fat ass back up the hill?  THIS fat ass!

But I trudged and trudged, stopping at every forest waterfall and pool so that I could kill some time and catch my breath
But I finally made it back to the top and guess who slept like a baby that night in her cozy private cabin that she had all to her self and didn't have to worry about being shoved and told, "You're snoring!"
The lake was gorgeous, the water wasn't as cold as I expected and a lovely time was had by all
And then I got home.  And saw what TheManTheMyth had done on our kitchen remodel in my absence.
When I had left for Tahoe, I had a fully functioning kitchen, including a ceiling.  When I returned after four days, I did Not.

My old stove was sitting out in the backyard along with the microwave and my old washer and dryer.  The contents of my cabinets were tossed willy-nilly into packing boxes and stashed in the backyard:
In my office:
And God Knows where else.  Every day it's another round of "Find the Whatever" which is always a barrel of giggles.

We can't cook because of, well, no stove and the barbecue is Not Functioning at this time.  Our old vent-hood microwave is sitting on top of the old washing machine in the backyard and we have to run an extension cord to it from the garage if we want to make popcorn:
Our meals have mostly consisted of whatever does not require A) cooking and 2) dishes, which leaves sandwiches, salads and cereal.  And of course every day, Thing 1 asks, "What's for dinner?" And doesn't he get all huffy AND puffy when I tell him, "Would you like fries with that?"  

We ALL miss my fabulous cooking.  

Which is a bit of a joke.

However, the remodel is coming along at a good pace, since TheManTheMyth is once again between jobs.

This past weekend the drywall was installed:
 And it's looking so much better:
The cabinets still need to be stripped, sanded and painted.  The old island is coming out and the new island will need to be built.  We've decided on flooring and the tile for the backsplash but I STILL cannot decide on the color of the counter tops.  We're going with concrete counter tops but do I want natural-colored concrete?  A dark stain?  A light stain?  Do I want a design or solid color?  Oh, these are MAJOR decisions here, people.

Okay, I'm hungry.  I guess I'll make a PBJ.

If I can find the bread.  I think I saw it under the bathroom sink.

Or maybe the coat closet.


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