Monday, February 14, 2011

Cooking for my man

Once upon a time, in the early stages of our romantic romance, I decided I was going to cook a pot roast for TheManTheMyth because he is a meat-and-potatoes type of guy and I thought, "what could be more romantic than a home-cooked meal?"

So I get out a cookbook, called "Square Meals" and there's a recipe for pot roast with a picture.  And I ask my sister, who is an awesome cook, for help.  She tells me to get something called a 7-bone roast and even draws me a picture of what it should look like and sends me off to the supermarket.

Where I proceed to stand if front the of the meat counter looking hopelessly dazed and confused.  I don't see anything called a 7-bone roast.  I see plenty of other roasts:  rump roasts, tri-tip roasts, standing rib roasts which did have several bones in it but not 7 of them and even something called a Bone-in Chuck Roast but I don't see anything with 7 bones in it.  

So I go back home and tell my sister that the supermarket doesn't sell anything with 7 bones in it, which sends her into peals of laughter and she takes me back to the store, picks up the Bone-in Chuck roast, holds it up to the picture she had drawn and waddya know?  They match!  Who knew? 

We get the rest of the ingredients and go home and I cook a pot-roast, which did not come out looking ANYTHING close to the picture in the cookbook, which actually looked more like this

even though that recipe actually did call for a chuck roast.  Way to really confuse me, people.

I don't remember how it turned out, probably not that great because I?  am not known for my culinary expertise, is what I'm saying.

I'm sure you're thinking this post has to do with Valentine's Day and that I tried to be all romantic by cooking a meal for TheManTheMyth but you'd be wrong with that thought process.

TheManTheMyth and I, old-fashioned romantics that we aren't, celebrate Valentine's Day the same way we celebrate August 27:  we don't.

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