Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here we go

For the last few days, I've had the most god-awful headaches.  Like I've been on one of those "Spin and puke" rides at 3rd rate carnivals.  I'm fine when I get up in the morning and I'm fine during my morning walk but around 10:00am, the headache kicks in and I feel like hammered shit and I don't know why.

Speaking of morning walks, I take Gracie Lou to the same place, the El Dorado Regional Park, Section III.  We like Section III because there's rarely anyone there early in the morning (read: other dogs since Gracie is positive that every dog wants to eat her) and it's quiet and peaceful (except for the screaming of the hawks and honking of the geese) and we get a good power walk in.  One of the down sides to Section III, though, is that it is frequently closed because both "Dexter" and "CSI Miami" like to film there and they have some weird thing about keeping anyone not associated with the film crew from invading the shoot and maybe trying to get themselves on camera.  Trust me, they have nothing to worry about with me.  I just want to get my dog walked and get over to Del Taco for my morning crack.  You go about your business and I'll go about mine and we'll be fine.  But nooooooo.  I've been stopped by more security guards and their answer to the age old question of, "Do you know who I am" is invariably, "Yes.  You're the person who HAS TO LEAVE."

Anyhoo.  This week, there was yet another film crew setting up an above ground swimming pool, of all things, in one of the parking lots and I'm all, "A swimming pool?  With bleachers on each side?  And a deck? In the parking lot?  But for why?"

The next morning, the film crew was in full force.  There were trailers lined up and down the road, wardrobe trailers, catering trailers, equipment trailers, trailers filled with all sorts of lighting and electrical stuff, people wandering around in bathrobes and I notice that the pool has a ruler thingy on the sides and there's a big sign advertising a Diving Doggies competition and then I notice all the cases of Bud Light being unloaded and I'm all, "Here we go!"  Especially since nobody In Charge forced me from the premises (again).  Suckers.

A diving doggies Bud Light commercial.  Starring the Splash Dogs.  Who I was all excited to see.  But who Gracie was convinced would try to eat her.  And let them know in no uncertain terms that she wasn't going down without a fight.

Yeah, guess who disrupted the shoot?  

And guess who was asked to "Move along now, ma'am.  And your little dog, too!"

There we went.


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  1. Boy, you live in a famous neighbourhood. Diving dogs. Holy crap!