Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stuffed with thankfulness

Today is the day we give thanks for what we have in our lives.  And also the day when stuffing ones self with mass amounts of carb laden (is "laden" a word?) food is not only acceptable, it's positively encouraged.

Again this year, it will only be the four of us for Thanksgiving dinner.  And again, it'll be a spiral-sliced ham with a little turkey tit for Thing 1 since he's the only one of us who likes turkey.  I tried to find the smallest ham at Costco because it's only the four of us but the odds are very good that we will be having ham-based meals for the next week or so until we start oinking and rolling around in the mud.  And a spider spins a web saying, "Some pigs!" above the backyard gate.

This has been a bit of a trying year, what with Thing 1's broken knee, dislocated shoulder, getting hit by a car and the shenanigans in Santa Barbara over Halloween weekend.  I know he's very thankful that the DA decided to drop the charges.

Thing 2 is thankful that after several years of orthodontia, she finally got her braces off and now has a beautiful smile.  Let's just hope she is a little more enthusiastic about brushing her teeth to keep that smile beautiful.

TheManTheMyth is thankful that after months of one week of work, 3 weeks of no work, he's been working pretty steadily for the last couple of months.  Let's just hope it continues well into next year.

I'm thankful that I have a great family even though some members can be short on common sense coughKevincough, a doggie that has brought joy to all of our lives, that we still have a home with a new lower monthly mortgage payment ($400 a month less!) and many, many more things to be thankful for that I'm not going to bore you with.

But while we are giving thanks, we can't help but think of our young friend, Justin Imhof, who is still in a coma after his crash in the Baja 1000.  We are praying that he wakes up and can give his family the ultimate reason to be thankful.  We love you, Justin.  Come back to us.

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