Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Someone has pissed off the Electronic Gods and that Someone Seems to be Me

Once again, the technology slash electronic Gods are having buttloads of fun at my expense, both mentally and monetarily.

My stupid Motorola Droid phone is still refusing to deliver e-mails in a timely manner.  Oh, and the new thing is, the little notification chime will sound, it'll say I have 1 new e-mail and when I open the e-mail app, there's 27 e-mails waiting.  12 of which I had already deleted 5 times in the last week.  Now, I may be mathematically challenged but I do know that 27 minus 12 does not equal 1.  Obviously, someone in Droidville is even more mathematically challenged than I am and that is really saying something, believe you me.  Stupid Droid.  I hate this phone.

And then last week, my ancient iPod Shuffle, the one that resembles a pack of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, decided it no longer wants to live up to its name, which is Shuffle.  It now wants to play the same 10 or 15 songs over and over.  Which would be fine if I wanted to hear The Partridge Family's "Bandala" (don't you judge me), Wall of Voodoo's version of "Ring of Fire," Queens of the Stone Age "Millionaire" or Little Walter singing, "My Babe" over and over and sometimes I do but after the 3rd or 4th go-around, I kinda want to hear something else.

The latest technological woe is actually one I've been having all year.  My laptop.  That I hate and despise because it's not a Mac.  I've had more trouble with that stupid Not A Mac laptop.  The latest issue is that somehow, someway, my Adobe program that enables me to read PDF documents and lets me convert documents of my own to PDF files has decided to disappear and will not allow me to reinstall the program.

This all started when I went to open a PDF file that I needed and a little pop-up window pops up, which always causes me to wince because it's a crapshoot on whether or not something is about to go Very, Very Wrong, telling me that I need to update my Adobe Reader program to Adobe Reader 9.4 before I can open said PDF file.  And that is when things went Very, Very Wrong.  Not only was I not able to download and install Adobe Reader 9.4 but I was informed via pop up window that I, my laptop's Administrator, has insufficient privileges to access the file and the installation cannot continue and I need to contact the Administrator pronto.

So, I contact the Administrator, oh wait!  That's ME! and I have to inform myself that I'm shit outta luck as far as installing Adobe Reader because of Error 1303, which when I went to Adobe's troubleshooting section of their site, informs me they've never heard of Error 1303 even though that's what it says on that pop-up window from MotherFucking Hell Windows 7 (same difference).

So.  For whatever reason, I can no longer open PDF files which is going to cause serious problems as far as business goes and I cannot convert files to PDF which is going to cause serious problems as far as business goes.  And I don't know how to correct the problem, which is causing serious problems as far as my sanity goes.  This wouldn't be an issue if I had a new iMac because nothing EVER goes wrong with a Mac.  But I don't have the $$$$ for a new Mac at this time unless I sell a kidney or one of my offspring and lately, the sale of one or both of my offspring is looking a little more preferable than the sale of the kidney because I like to pee and my kids are pissing me off.

And Blogger is STILL not allowing me to upload/download/sideload photos in my blog.  When I try, I get an "Add images" box that looks a helluva lot different than it use to and when I choose an image from my stash of photos in my computer to upload, nothing happens.  Oh it SAYS it's uploaded but there's nothing there.  "Add images" just wants to fuck with me.  And is doing a damn fine job of it.  Bastard.

In other news, that effing bitch who mowed down my kid and fled the scene has been charged with criminal charges by the City of Long Beach.  People vs. Camille Wickersham and guess what?  She's on Facebook.  Feel free to send her any nasty message you want.  Like, "Hey, hit any kids in crosswalks lately?" or "I"m looking for a bike.  You got any stuck under your car I can have?"  You have my blessing.  Camille Wickersham.  Get her!


  1. One of the worse thing in the world is when our electronics don't work!! I would still try to take your phone back!!

  2. Technology has been my nemesis lately too - especially blogger, and trying to upload photos. It's driving me crazy.

    Sorry about the ipod...I'm sure that would get on my last nerve too! On the plus side, if you DO need a new one the new nanos are great....video cameras, pedometer, a speaker! My kids got them for Christmas last year and I'm so jealous.

  3. Do you live under a power line or something. Maybe you were struck by lightening a month ago? Man, this just hasn't been your autumn. I hope things turn around soon for you.

  4. Hi Kelly!
    I finally made my way over here to see what you might have to say. And boy oh boy! I hear you girl on the electronic crap and how difficult they make it to fix any of it. Makes you mad enough to swing a dead cat, doesn't it?

    I almost wet my pants yesterday over the new article about the new Macbook Air. Oh my stars and garters! I will have to see whether I can sell off some old stuff laying around here like say, oh I don't know, a husband, a kid or a dog or three to come up with the funds for one of those babies. Go take a peek at them and maybe we can get a group discount? : )