Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Wednesday but it's not Wordless!

Ok, maybe not "wordless." Our off-road race is coming up this weekend and there's so many things still to do besides my work shown above. I have to get to the printers so I can print up 500 copies of riders instructions, tape fender cards, type up a list of all the #1 plate holders because they get free entries, type up a list of Overall plate entries because they get special colored tape on their fender cards, get a list of all the desert stewards to have on hand at sign ups, make a finisher board, get pens and highlighters and markers for the checks, get all my competition license supplies organized so TheManTheMyth can take them with him when he heads out tomorrow since I won't be heading out until either Friday afternoon or early early Saturday morning.

On top of all that, Thing 1 is a "poor widdle crippled boy" (his words) with a gimpy knee. There's no damage to his knee (Thank GOD!) but the swelling and stiffness make it very difficult for him to get around, even with crutches, which he HATES having to use and he can't really put any weight on his leg just yet which makes it awfully hard to walk even with crutches, which he HATES. And it makes it difficult for US to be around HIM. We've been calling him Patty, as in Krabby Patty. The doc said the swelling should be gone by the end of the week so we just have to get through the middle of the week without bloodshed. No guarantees, though.

I'll be glad when Monday gets here and I can start on the post-race stuff, like results and avoiding phone calls from people complaining how the race was hard and all that fun stuff. Every year I say that I'm done and Never Again and every year I'm stuck doing it again. I want to be one of the many people who sit on their butts doing nothing but expecting pats on the back for "supporting the club." But seriously, this IS my last year. Really. I mean it. I'm done. No more. This is IT.


  1. Wow, our lives are in parallel. Well, kind of. My son is a flat track racer, CCS. They are having their annual banquet this weekend. He took 4 out of 5 #1 plates in 2009! I get to babysit - yahooooooooo!

  2. Ok, cue the Twilight Zone theme: I was a scorekeeper for the AMA Grand National Flat track series in the mid to late '80's. Those were some crazy times!