Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's Friday Fragments and I'm still learning all this blog stuff such as how to include banners and stuff on my blog. So if I did this incorrectly, cut me some slack, Jack.

Christmas is in exactly ONE WEEK from today and guess who hasn't done any Christmas shopping and who has yet to get a tree? No, no, guess! Ok, it's me. It's kind of hard to get a tree when there's nothing to put under it. Maybe I'll wrap up some empty boxes or something just so we don't look too pathetic.

Christmas is in exactly ONE WEEK from today and our temps today are supposed to hit 80. Nothing says Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and HO HO HO like a heat wave.

Back at Thanksgiving I blogged about Willard and his family taking up residence in our walls. Read about it here! Well, it seems there's been a death in the family and I know this because I can smell it. Why the heck can't the little (little, my ass!) varmints crawl off into the wild to die instead of crawling inside my walls? There is no way I can remove the deceased without knocking some holes in my walls so we just have to wait it out. Gee, and I wonder why we don't get many visitors to our house. Huh.

I just bought Dominick Dunne's final book and on one hand I can't wait to read it but on the other hand, I don't want to because I know that there won't be any more Dominick Dunne books about the shenanigans of the World of the Rich. I love his work and I was SO sad when he passed away a couple of months ago. He was at the very top of my list of people I would like to have been seated next to at a dinner party. Put Kathy Griffin on the other side of me and I would have been in gossip heaven. Because I've got the depth of a spoon and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Let's see, what would I rather do, read about the war in Afghanistan or hear the latest about Tiger Woods and his skanks? Hello? Skanks trump war every time!

I'm drawing an absolute blank on what else to blog about here, fragmented or otherwise. I've got a ton of paperwork sitting on my desk that I need to attend to and well, I keep putting it off because I'm really, really great at that. I saw a t-shirt once that said, "I'd like to procrastinate but I keep putting it off." I should have bought one because that is so me!

Ok, I'd better go and do something productive. Like read the latest from textsfromlastnight or have my retinas seared from looking at the People of Walmart.


  1. Guess who else hasn't done their Christmas shopping or bought a frickin' tree? (sigh) It's difficult to get in the Christmas when the temperatures are near 80 here too in the desert.

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

  2. Oh good, I thought I was the only Christmas slacker. Let's put the X back in Xmas!