Friday, December 11, 2009

Fractured Friday

Today was/is Friday and some of my fellow bloggers call today something like Fractured Friday, Fragment Friday, Freaky Friday, hell I can't remember, something like that where you just kind of post random stuff about your day and/or week.

So, here's random stuff about my day and/or week:

The Big Storm that was supposed to hit last night? Still waiting. Yes, yes, we SoCal people get our panties in a twist at the thought of rain but the news channels have been hyping this Big Storm all week.

The 2009 racing season came to an end this week and for both TheManTheMyth and Thing 1, it ended with both a whimper when TheManTheMyth got lost and missed his race and a bang when Thing 1's motorcycle wouldn't shift and a Good Samaritan let him use her motorcycle and he done blowed it up. That boy is hard on motorcycles. And yes, it's been repaired and returned to its rightful owner who probably won't be so quick to offer her motorcycle again.

Now that the 2009 racing season is over, TheManTheMyth doesn't know what to do with himself and he's all lost and just kind of wanders aimlessly around the house. Which means this weekend, his 1st weekend all year that he has absolutely nothing to do, he will drive me absolutely barking mad.

I won a major battle against Thing 2 this week, which is pretty rare because she's not known as the Pitbull for nothing when it comes to fighting for what she wants. And what she wanted was to stay home from school one day this week because it was the Freshman Retreat, where they go off for the day and do some kind of peer group workshops and she did not want to go because "it's stupid and boring and none of my friends are going." She offered me cash money if I would let her stay home which should tell you something because my daughter, Scrooge McTightwad, "collects" money. Seriously, this kid has more liquid assets than her parents. When the bribe didn't work, she got mysteriously sick. I told her to nut up and walk it off. Long story: she went. I won. So HA!

I can't believe Christmas is in 2 weeks. I'm so not feeling the Christmas spirit/mood. We haven't gone out to get a tree yet. Maybe this weekend. Not that there's any presents to put under the tree. Santa didn't work this summer and the money tree seems to be dormant. My seester and her family are coming out from Colorado, unless they get snowed in...again. This has happened more than once. We're all excited and then comes the phone call and Christmas just isn't the same.

I've been a bit of blah mood this week for some reason. Wait, let me check the calendar. Oh. That explains it. Anyway, I've just been a bit of a funk, feeling all nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat worms. Then today, when Lucy and I got to the park, there was a whole group that was just so dang excited to see me. I'm telling you I have never had such a warm welcome. I had barely stopped the car before they all came running as fast as they could, knocking each other over to be the first to greet me. I got out of the car and they all surrounded me, letting me know how happy they were to see me. Ok, so maybe I'm talking about ducks, geese and mud hens but hey, it's nice to know that there are creatures who are happy to see me. Even if it's because I bring stale Cheerios for them and yes, I know I'm not supposed to feed the wildlife but these ducks are so not wild anymore so I don't feel guilty. Anyway, I felt a bit happier after such a warm greeting.

So that was my fractured, fragmented Friday and/or week. Oh, and I still haven't done a RAK. The days are counting down to Christmas and I'm still drawing a blank. I'd better get my butt in gear otherwise poor Stephanie will be sitting there, without a gift in the Random Act of Kindness gift exchange because I suck.


  1. It seems your animal friends would beg to differ on your lack of RAK.

    Is it warm where you live? Does this affect your Christmas spirit?

  2. I live in sunny Southern California, where it is raining. Nah, it's not the weather, it's the financial issue. This wasn't a good year for the construction industry and it's caught up with us. Every so often I just have to have a good ol' fashioned pity party and feel sorry for myself. It's a PMS thing. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.