Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Her name was Joyce

Everyone in our neighborhood knew who she was. She had moved in down the street a couple of years ago, into the Alu's old house. Just her and her funny-looking dog that looks like a brindle hyena or dingo. Every morning I'd see her riding her bicycle. Then, she'd ride her bicycle while Pegasus the dog ran alongside. Then she'd walk Pegasus over to the park. Later in the day, I'd see her riding her bicycle some more. All day long, she would be riding her bicycle or walking Pegasus. I often wondered if there were times poor Pegasus was thinking, "Man, I just want to SLEEP!"

She painted the house a vivid blue. It was so bright it glowed. But she liked it. Her car would be parked in the driveway with the "PLEZLUV" license plate. Sometimes I'd see her driving off, the top down on her convertible and her blond hair covered in a leopard scarf, looking very pretty and glamorous with her bright red lipstick.

She rarely stopped to talk as she rode by. Sometimes she would stop so that we could pet Pegasus but mostly we would just wave to each other. She was "The Lady in the Blue House."

Yesterday afternoon, I found out a couple of things about the Lady in the Blue House. I found out her name was Joyce.

And I found out that on the evening of Friday, September 11, she went into the garage of her blue house and killed herself.

Her name was Joyce.

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